Professional Supervision



 'Professional Supervision provides support to groups and or individuals working within therapeutically-based services, those working in roles that require regularly giving or receiving emotionally challenging communications,  allied healthcare professionals or professionals engaging in relationally complex and challenging roles'.

Examples of what I offer:


 -Individually or collectively-



- Clinical - It is an opportunity to reflect on complex cases, approaches to treatment and care, evaluation and planning. This does not replace discussions made within your work environment but offers an opportunity to reflect and explore feelings and thoughts on a particular clinical or work issue.


- Managerial - The focus here is on developing awareness and skills to help balance workload, administrative procedures, meetings, planning and strategy, data collection, audit activity, recruitment and retention issues, plus liaison and communication.


- Personal - This links in with possible interpersonal issues that may be experiencing such as job pressure, motivation, job satisfaction or team issues. Supervision should never become counselling, but there is a need to allow individuals' professional space to express your feelings towards work.


- Professional - This gives the opportunity to reflect on professional roles and skills within given positions and competencies. This may lead to the identification of specific training or development needs.