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Cloud 9 for Life Group unites therapists, health professionals, organisations, and the general public through our leading services and promotion of positive impacts on mental health. Disseminated by Therapy, Supervision, Neuro-divergent assessment and support, Training & development or CPD, and bespoke Well-being packages C9FL aims to transform the life choices and awareness of those who value the importance of challenging mental health stigma and promoting empowerment and growth.

Our Mission


Users about mental health issues, treatment, the process of therapy, and the differences between healthy and unhealthy therapy.


All user’s wellness journeys through access to reliable, unbiased, and non-pathologising mental health support. In addition to this C9FL has trained health professionals available to engage with bespoke packages to suit the needs of you or your workforce.


The myths, stereotypes, and stigmas that can surround mental health issues and treatment and prevent people from getting help.

For therapists, C9FL:


A community of therapists and treatment facilities who believe in and adhere to principles of working ethically with the clients/service user’s best interests at the forefront of their mind at all times.


Compassionate, collaborative therapists in their practices through access to quality continuing education events, up-to-date therapy news and information, and forms-and-policies related to ethics and power dynamics in therapy.


Leading online directories with strict membership standards, giving our members consistent referrals and other benefits that foster a thriving practice.

Our Vision

C9FL’s vision is to develop, nurture and maintain a mental health community in which therapists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and trainers are guided by their passion to make positive changes as well as holding integrity as an important aspect of their work ethic. To have the self-awareness and courage to respect self-care along with professional limitations and CPD opportunities. Where following ethical principles, and good practice is second nature to ensure service users and colleagues are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Our aim is to build healthy mental health communities where all professionals are equipped with the skills and vision to see and encourage everyone’s ability to change, grow and thrive.

Individuals are ill-equipped to manage day-to-day life, are not aware of the devastating implications poor mental health has on people, or lack the knowledge of how to help or support someone to improve their well-being. The Cloud 9 For Life Group is striving to change the perception of poor mental health and promote good mental health and how to achieve this. This we hope will change the negative perception and develop and encourage the growth of positive outcomes. We are working to reverse this negative trend. The Cloud 9 for Life Group’s vision is that as human beings we are free to express our mental health needs and have our needs met by trained and compassionate health professionals along with building positive relationships with employers to positively impact workforces.